2024 Labor and Employment Law eConference (Preorder)

2024 Labor and Employment Law eConference
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UT Law CLE's 31st Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference is the premier program on employment law practice in Texas. By bringing together leading members of the bar, personnel experts, and in-house counsel, the conference offers timely updates, emerging trends, and the variety of perspectives practitioners need. Topics will include:
  • NLRB: An Inside the Beltway Perspective on Federal Labor Policy
  • What's Weird About Texas
  • Yet Another Acrimonious Election Year: The Challenge of Political Talk at Work (and On Social Media)
  • The New World of Pregnancy Accommodations
  • It Says What?
  • Retaliation: Still the Most Attractive Claim for Plaintiffs and Most Complicated for Defendants
  • What’s It Going to Take: Settlement Value/Monetizing Your Case
  • Groff v. DeJoy: A Year Later and Other Emerging Issues in Religious Accommodation
  • AI: Promising and Problematic 
  • Ethics: Officer of the Court

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